Scrambled Eggs with Sausage and Tomato

Recipe for Scrambled Eggs with Sausage and Tomato

A great way to use the egg yolks that were left over from your macaroons

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The secret to make great scrambled eggs is to keep them moist throughout their cooking and to prevent them from solidifying too quickly. For this mix the eggs in a bowl and add a small amount of milk to the mixture.


Place a very small amount of oil in the bottom of an anti-adherent frying pan and add the eggs before it gets too hot in order to obtain a slow and uniform cooking.


Stir the eggs constantly and add the chopped sausages. Save the chopped tomato and add it only at the end of the cooking so that the skin does not detach itself from the pulp.


If you have a vase with chives at home you can chop a few stems and sprinkle your eggs with these magnificent herbs which will bring a bitter garlic-like taste to them.


If not we strongly recommend you buy yourself a vase because it is a very resilient and low maintenance plant whose flavour combines amazingly with eggs, regardless of how you cook them.


For our potatoes, we use our manual rotating chopper apparatus with its slicing blade to achieve really thin chips that, after fried, become deliciously crunchy.

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